Μarkella Tzachrista studied at the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and is a MSc graduate in Urban and Regional Planning from the National Technical University of Athens. The main focal point of her research revolved around the culture and daily practices of minority groups and their consequent imprint on urban spaces. Her research work in the area of human geography on urban analysis has been presented in urban planning and historical conferences.
Having previously worked with architectural offices based in Athens and Istanbul, she worked for five years in major private business construction projects holding the position of project manager. As a member of Arch Ennea she has worked on the design and construction’s supervision for private houses and offices, pursuing an holistic approach in design, from the city’s and building’s to the objects’ scale. Her attraction to the construction sites and the manual work as the scopes of the design on one hand, is accompanied by her theoretical concerns on the cities, the role of public space and their consequent impact on human practices on the other.

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Markella Tzachrista